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Holland: underpants ablaze every NYE

Every New Year’s Eve Jools Holland presents an evening of entertainment for people who have rightly decided that staying in is preferable to a night where you’ll get charged for the privilege of going into a pub when for the other 363 days in the year you got in for free.

For years you may have been under the impression that this evening of festive cheer is live and that it enjoys the unpredictability of being a ‘live’ show. Well, it’s not. It’s pre-recorded.

This is the adult equivalent of being told Santa doesn’t exist. Throughout the evening, carefully crafted references to festivity and the passing of another year will, understandably, leave you free to conclude that this show is ‘as is’.

In my book, that’s pretty unforgivable, so on December 31st 2011 I’m going to find out where Jools lives and dump on his lawn.