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Luddite trash

Any internal combustion engine – regardless of  how much frippery, new technology, and material should not be described  as modern.

This is a very archaic design that delivers power through a series of explosions. Once those explosions have taken place it pumps out noxious gases that if, controlled by sticking a hose from the exhaust pipe through to a window while you are in it, will kill you within half an hour.

The internal combustion engine was invented in the 1800s and we are still using it. It replaced horses for goodness’ sake. To power internal combustion engines we use fossil fuels that we kill people to protect.

An internal combustion engine is about as modern as a typewriter – it’s outdated, outmoded and if we haven’t thought of another way to power our modes of transport within 30-odd years, then it’s time to sterilise the entire population.

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