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Hopscotch - oh the madness

Let’s say you put skydiving, bungee jumping, shark diving and rock climbing down as an ‘extreme’ sport, what’s at the other extreme? If you have something that’s extreme at one end you have to have an extreme at the other.

So, let’s play a while. How about putting your hand out the window of a car and feeling the breeze, or flicking elastic bands. Then there’s paddling in Herne Bay, hopscotch, shove ha’penny, building camps and kicking in kids’ sandcastles when everyone’s gone home.

What about that weird game with a ball and aluminium crosses that nobody understands? Then there’s the unfettered joy of checking under the carpet for rogue 20p bits, smelling your finger after a quick rummage down the underpants and making shark fins out of your hair while in the bath. It’s all an incredible ride at the opposite end of the scale and if you are smart, these are the sorts of extreme sports you should be participating in.

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