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Funfairs: not fun or fair

This is a trades descriptions horror. It all looks very inviting. Pleasant, friendly people run fairground rides – you know this because they generally have ‘love’ tattooed on one knuckle. They have ‘hate’ tattooed on the other one, but let’s forget about that.

Then there are the rides.

They are fantastically safe and they’re also a hoot aren’t they?

Let’s consider ‘the Waltzer’ for example. You sit in a nice chair that goes up and down and around and around. Then a very nice man – with tattoos – comes and spins you around some more. You may have paid £3 for this three-minute extravaganza but this man wants you to have value for money so when you tell him that you are feeling a little queasy, he spins you some more until you barf a lung.

In the pursuit of absolute accuracy let’s ditch the first letter and then we’ll all feel a lot better. Hopefully, that should deter the idiots who religiously attend this multi-coloured abhorrence every Easter.

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