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I'm studying everything... generally

If you have a degree in general studies you are one of two things: 1) air or 2) thick. General studies is not a subject, it’s an existence. Imagine telling a prospective employer: ‘I’ve studied everything… of a general nature.’

People who enrol in general studies degrees need to be warned that they will embark on a three-year course that qualifies them for absolutely nothing and that they will have to take another degree after that to dilute the absolute pointlessness of this quite ridiculous subject.

According to the website a general studies degree is a good introduction into the business world. It’s descibed as a ‘generalist’s degree, which is patently ridiculous. Then it claims: ‘It’s appreciated by employers for positions in which specific skills are not required…’

According to you can go on an Associate of General Studies and in this you can learn about philosophy (thinking), music appreciation (listening to music), politics (reading The Times every now and then), chemistry (drug taking), world geography (going on holiday), sociology (hanging out with mates), public speaking (talking), photography (only if you’ve got a cameraphone), women’s studies (going on the pull), creative writing (doing your CV), physics (spitting out of the car on the motorway), statistics (looking at your bank account), college algebra (going to the STD clinic). says that by graduation day you’ll be computer literate (like everyone else leaving university), you’ll be able to write clearly (like everyone else), you’ll have some numerical skills (like everyone else), you’ll have a better understanding of world culture (like everyone else) and you have a more open-minded view of society (yep, you guessed it). boasts that General Studies courses ‘…are a practical solution for students who want to explore college but aren’t ready to decide what to do with the rest of their lives’.

Presumably, once they’ve done that, they’ll decide to do something useful.

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