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Go get the glue

I watched the television the other day and inbetween an episode of Friends I was subjected to an advertisement that went something like this….

Had a bad hair day? Why not squidge a golfball-sized wodge of foam into your hand and stick it in on your barnet? Wow. You can embrace your creative side, creating star-shapes on your head.
If that’s not your thing why not mould your locks into a parallelogram. Cool, eh? Sick even. Crazy. Why not dance about with a guitar, while wearing a tiny tartan skirt.
Your friends can join you – tell them to bring drumsticks so they can beat imaginary rhythms in the air. When you crazy funsters are done prancing around in your bedroom you can go out and have a blast with your manic hair.
Why not hit the streets with your protruding hair? You could take an eye out with what you’ve got going on – how cool is that?

What. A. Crock.

Here’s what really happens. You’ll put in the mousse. After five minutes of ‘sculpting’ it’ll go all floppy on you again and you’ll look like every other person on the street with terrible hair.

Use PV glue next time.