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Nash - nice frock

There’s a limit to how much irony one can take, but if you apply this idea to Kate Nash’s¬†lyrical talents then you are seriously fooling yourself. Perhaps I have misunderstood Nash, who seems like a nice person, but after a play of her debut album House of Bricks last night I do think it high time she stepped well away from the piano and got a job in a biscuit factory.

Why? I hear you ask.

Well, Kate has mastered the very fine art of writing down the first thing that comes into her head, ergo: ‘I’ve got a family and I drink cups of tea’ … and then leaving it.

So, apeing this technique I thought I’d have a go, just to see how much lyrical gangsta I have in me.

See what you think:

‘I’ve got a bee, and I drink cups of pee’.

Admittedly, it’s slightly plagiarising Nash but clearly on the right track.

Then there’s…

‘There’s hairs on my head, that lie flat when I go to bed.’

I’m on a roll. What about…?

‘There’s a spider in my pants, it makes me think of lants.’

Ok, so the last one might need a bit of work since lants is not actually a word but for a first-timer in the art of writing down whatever old shite comes into your head, I think it’s pretty good.

Art is, of course, how you view it and there is a wafer-thin argument suggesting Nash is merely a reflection of modern society but for the love of God, let’s try a bit harder.

If you believe that Kate’s Shit Song is in the realms of irony then it’s time to stop music in its entirety. The clue’s in the title.

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