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Spot the G-spot?

Shortly after the suffragettes women discovered the G-Spot and ever since then man, in an Indiana Jones Ark of the Covenant-style search, has been trying to find it. According to the, ahem, sexperts, it’s inside the vagina, about two inches up in the frontal wall.

Millions of men, desperate to save ailing marriages, have been fumbling around to find this most elusive pleasure zone and as Indy well knows, X never marks the spot.

Finding the G-spot is like trying to find an earring that fell behind the washing machine. Now, after all those years, King’s College scientists, who studied this, tell us that the G-Spot doesn’t actually exist.

But the French, determined to keep reputations intact, are revolting, says The Guardian.

‘The King’s College study … shows a lack of respect for what women say,’ said Pierre Foldès, a leading French surgeon. ‘The conclusions were completely erroneous because they were based solely on genetic observations and it is clear that in female sexuality there is a variability … It cannot be reduced to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, or an ‘on’ or an ‘off’.’

The British study involved 1,800 female twins being asked whether or not they thought they had a G-spot. After a bit of hemming and hawwing, some huffing and puffing and an overdose of prodding the sample of twins concluded that… they didn’t know.


That’s a terrible shame because it’s a lot of man hours wasted and will undoubtedly lead to many more arguments containing the phrase ‘I told you so’.

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